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Weyer's Cave Apartment Fitness Center

Workout Trends to Try in the Fitness Center

Modern trends in fitness focus on personalized workouts that can help you to achieve your unique goals. HIIT programs are very popular thanks to the use of fusion techniques that make your workouts more efficient than ever. Exciting trends like HIIT and fusion provide an excellent opportunity for you to make the most of the resources in the apartment fitness at your Weyer’s Cave apartment community. Take advantage of the variety of equipment options in the state-of-the-art fitness center just outside your apartment.

Modern fitness apps and fitness trackers allow you to take your personal trainer with you to the gym. Try combining streaming workouts from these apps with the equipment available at your apartment fitness center to reap maximum rewards from your workouts. Most fitness apps offer a variety of different workout options, making it possible to mix up your routine without the cost of membership or the travel associated with joining a gym.

“Fusion” training is one of the most popular current fitness trends. Fusion workouts combine a mixture of different types of exercises to build a comprehensive total body workout. Fusion workouts create combinations like yoga exercises that include medicine ball weights, strength exercises that are performed on a balance board, and integrated motion exercises to improve flexibility and strength at the same time. Fusion programs are a great way to target neglected muscle groups and boost your metabolism. Your Weyer’s Cave apartment fitness center offers a wide variety of equipment that allows you to try these innovative workouts without investing in weights and machines.

Weyers Cave Apartment Fitness CenterOne of the more popular Fusion workouts is called HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts maximize your results while reducing the amount of time you work out by combining short intervals of high-intensity cardio activity with brief recovery periods that focus on strength training. The Landings apartment fitness center is the perfect place to try out some HIIT workouts by making it easy for you to alternate different types of strength and flexibility exercises with different types of cardio. Your apartment fitness center provides lots of different cardio options thanks to a variety of machines, preventing you from traveling to a gym just to perform a 15-minute workout.

Make a plan to stop into the Landings Apartments community fitness center to try some of these new workouts. You can surpass your fitness goals and avoid an expensive gym membership right here at Landings Apartments in Weyers Cave!